What exactly is an Expert Witness?

Beryl Project Engineering representatives can serve as an Expert Witness as part of our professional services to Tampa area clients. Our years of training, experience, and nurturing a solid reputation for integrity make our engineers trusted, reliable in litigation matters for which we have expertise. Contact us today if you need these services. Expert Witness [...]

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Expert Witness Services – Building Codes Expert for Litigation

Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness consulting concerning model building codes, local building codes, and building ordinances. Our professional, licensed engineers can provide testimony and reports involving Florida building regulations, the Uniform Building Code (UBC), and the International Building Code. We are also highly qualified to offer reliable testimony regarding building envelope performance, structural failures, [...]

Expert Witness | How Can They Help Me During Litigation?

An expert witness can be an invaluable resource to verify facts or challenge testimony in a court case. Expert witnesses are often used when insurance companies enter into litigation over conflicting efforts to resolve customer claims. Beryl Project Engineering can provide qualified, knowledgeable, and unbiased expert witness testimony regarding matters that fall under our areas [...]

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Special Assessments for Litigation or Expert Witness Needs

Sometimes circumstances arise that demand a specific type of building assessment for a particular purpose. Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness, professional evaluations and services in the event of insurance claim support or litigation needs. Contact us at 813-616-3301 to inquire about these special services. Litigation Condition Assessment Beryl Project Engineering provides a more invasive [...]

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