Beryl Project Engineering is an inspection and project management firm that also offers expert witness services in matters relating to our areas of expertise. Clients will often need these services to establish the facts in a case or to provide an independent evaluation of a structure or damages for purposes of litigation. 

Trained, experienced and licensed structural engineers can offer valuable insight based on their education, skills and experience in matters concerning construction and design. They can also provide helpful explanations for court participants on confusing aspects of engineering and design. Their expertise is regarded as legal evidence in design- and construction-related matters. 

Questions About Code Compliance 

Many questions that a court may consider can involve the design and/or construction of a structure and its adherence to area building and safety codes. These codes are established to make sure buildings and other structures are safe for use and built to withstand normal stresses. Failure to meet applicable codes during the design or construction of a structure can result in catastrophic failure, injuries and even fatalities. 

An experienced structural engineer serving as an expert witness for litigation can often examine the structure in question and detect signs that indicate failures in code compliance either in the design or actual construction of the structure. This expert testimony is valuable evidence the court can use to establish responsibility for the building’s failure and any injuries. 

The Value of Forensic Engineering 

Structural engineers engaged in an expert witness capacity are often called upon to perform a forensic analysis to determine the causes for a structure or building’s damage or failure. Sometimes these failures can be due to unprecedented stresses being placed on the structure. Stresses that exceed the design and construction parameters can occur. 

 Failures that occur from stresses that fall within the alleged design parameters or sub-standard materials or craftsmanship can constitute negligence. This is a serious charge to be determined by the court. Charges of negligence can result in heavy fines or other penalties to the guilty entities. This is why only the most reliable and experienced structural engineers should serve as expert witnesses for litigation. 

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