Roof Consulting

It’s a widely known fact that roofs fail due to standing water, improperly installed penetrations, improperly installed HVAC equipment, improper sealing applications at seams, improper deck attachments, and improperly stored or damaged roof materials. These items all can be summed up by the words “poor workmanship.” That’s why you need Beryl’s Roof Consulting on your project to avoid being the part of the 20% of roof system failures within the first five years of installation.

Below is a brief description of our quality roof consulting professional services:

  • Roof Condition Assessment
  • Roof Asset Management  & Roof Maintenance Plans

  • Roofing Plans & Roofing Specifications

  • Roofing Project Administration

  • Roofing Expert Witness & Storm Damage Support

Roof Asset Management and Maintenance Plans

A Roof Asset Management Plan or Maintenance Plan by Beryl has immense power to your company’s or personal finance’s bottom line. The two main benefits include the ability to defer costly replacements and minimize unexpected maintenance problems forcing you to pay for on demand repairs.  Ultimately, the Roof Asset Management plan maximizes the life of your roof system. These Roof Maintenance Plans are designed to assist you through providing instant access to preventative maintenance schedules, anticipated repair costs, budget numbers, repair histories, warranties, and Roof plans and specifications. Beryl couples this on the shelf history report with one or two yearly inspections. If you can catch an issue with your roof when the problem is small, the cost to repair is low. If you wait until the problem becomes obvious (roof leaks, damaged ceilings) then the cost to repair is high.

After an initial Roof Asset Management Plan takes effect, Beryl performs follow-up roof condition inspections once or twice each year. We further recommend additional inspections when the roof has been subjected to severe weather, excessive foot traffic, or other harmful conditions. Through using a reserve study firm with roof consulting experience, the maintenance plans will be more meaningful to you to extend the life of one of your largest capital improvements.

Roof Condition Assessment

Beryl provides a Roof Condition Assessment of your roofing system that meets or exceeds the InterNachi’s Standard Operating Procedure. This Roof Condition Assessment can also include a Drainage Survey or a Roof Deck Inspection prior to final covering materials. Each of our Roof Condition Assessment Reports will contain the following:

Description of the Composition for the Roof System Application
Description of the Substrate
Description of the Drainage System
Date of Roof System Application
Current Condition of Each Major Roof System Component
Current Condition of Roof Mounted Equipment
Examination of Flashings
Examination of Roof to Wall Connections
Photographs of selected significant and typical conditions
Recommendations for Corrective Actions
Cost Estimates for Corrective Actions or Replacement
Laboratory Analysis (If applicable)

Roofing Plans and Roofing Specifications

Beryl uses state of the art tools that cover the full range of low-slope to steep-slope roofing to provide you the right roofing application for your needs. The specifications provided by Beryl  protect your interests by specifying everything from the waterproofing, drainage, and the roof installation. Our library of roofing specifications covers the most current Florida Building Codes, standards, reference materials. Beryl can also provide you with background material directly from the manufacturer for a wide array of roofing products and technologies.

Beryl’s engineering staff is licensed and certified in Florida to accommodate all of your engineering needs. We offer a wide range of attachment and design calculations, including but not limited to, woodblock attachment, coping cap, gutter, downspout, ply sheet, insulation board, roof tile, mechanical equipment, adhered systems, mechanical systems, dead load, and various structural issues. Through using an engineering firm with roof consulting experience, you will have more confidence in the roofing specifications for the contractors.

Roofing Project Administration

Through scope definition up front, Beryl will assist you in preventing a contractor from under-estimating themselves in the door while trying to use change orders to turn a profit. Beryl’s project management services include defining client needs, preparing bid documents, tendering, bid analysis, and contractor negotiations. Projects can include planning, facilities, renovations, repairs, rehabilitations, and remodeling.

Beryl performs reference checks to qualify a vendor’s ability to meet the schedule and budget, a life cycle cost analysis for a proposal, risk matrix, the creation of technical and financial reports comparing vendors, and presentations to stakeholders. With regards to Scope and Contract Negotiations, Beryl draws upon a broad range of construction and contract administration experience to provide scope and contract negotiations for clients between contractors helping you get the right services for the right price from your contractors.

Beryl serves as your eyes and ears in the field with regards to executing the provisions of contractor agreements. Beryl represents your interests in seeing that the contractor provides the work per specifications without cutting corners. Beryl can also verify that the contractor billings are in line with that work acting as an intermediary between you and them. Through using a project management firm with roof consulting experience, you make your large investment in roofing a strong one.

Roofing Expert Witness & Storm Damage Support

Beryl provides Claim Support services under the direction of the clients in their current unresolved disputes. We offer a non-biased independent inspection with a report containing color photographs of insured’s report loss. We should be one of your first calls after you file a claim if you have any storm damage. These services may range from reviewing documents such as reports, photographs, and invoices to give an expert opinion in the form of a technical memorandum or formal Peer Analysis Report using a forensic analysis. These services will also include attending meetings, discussions, providing depositions/testimony, or providing opinions to the Landings to aid them with their dispute, and being “on-call” to provide services.

Beryl, as an Expert Witness, has by virtue of education, training, skill, and experience learned specialized knowledge, training, and experience in Florida beyond that of the average person. This knowledge is sufficient enough that others may officially and legally rely upon Beryl’s Expert Witness’s specialized opinion about an evidence or fact issue within the scope of Beryl’s expertise.

Forensics in engineering is the investigation of materials, products, structures, or components that fail, do not operate, or function as intended causing either personal injury or damage to property. The consequences of failure are typically dealt with by the law of product liability. The purpose of Beryl’s investigation is to locate cause of failure with a view to improve performance or life of components, or to assist in a court in determining the facts about an incident. In the forensics process, there is typically an investigation, analysis, and a conclusion of findings. Additionally, Beryl will peer review the technical aspects of the opposition’s side if requested. Through using an expert witness firm with roof consulting experience, you make your position even stronger.

To learn more about Beryl’s Wind Mitigation Services, please click here.

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