Mobile Home Tie Down Inspection

Mobile Home Inspection in Tampa FL

Manufactured homes can often cause problems for homeowners, who are not aware of the laws that apply to them. People often buy these convenient houses and then struggle to maintain them properly due to lack of knowledge. A manufactured home is simply a caravan which is permanently installed at a location. This permanent installation needs to be supported by mobile home tie downs and proper anchoring methods. Manufactured homes need to have their house properly supported and locked down per the HUD and Florida laws regarding these caravan homes.

What are Tie-Downs?

Tie-downs are anchors or straps that robust enough to keep the manufactured home stable even when high winds are blowing. Manufactured homes are more vulnerable during windstorms. Therefore, it is important to schedule a timely mobile home tie-down inspection.
There are two basic criteria for determining how many tie-downs are required to secure a manufactured home completely.

The Year of Manufacturing

The spacing requirements for the manufactured homes were tightened after the occurrence of Hurricane Andrew in 1990. Since 1994, the tie downs are supposed to be placed approximately at a distance of five to six feet at maximum. So, if you are planning to finance an old manufactured home, carry a manufactured home inspection to make sure that the tie downs are located at the required spaces.

The Zoning of the Manufactured Home

The zoning of the manufactured home determines the number of tie-downs that will be required to secure the home against torrential storms. Each manufactured home is supposed to be in the location for which it was designed. To check the zone for which your home was designed, check the data plate. Then, as per the latest zoning map, check whether the manufactured home is in the right location.

Tie-Down and Manufactured Home Inspection

These inspections are required for FHA and VA financing of manufactured homes. At Beryl, we perform a structural condition assessment to determine if the manufactured home identified has tie-downs that have been installed in accordance with an installation design and instructions as stated by FHA-HUD. We then issue a Professional Engineer signed and sealed report stating that fact.

Mobile homes are built in mainly two frames, a singlewide and a doublewide. Many buyers make it a priority to buy a doublewide manufactured home. That’s because the rooms are separated by a hallway while in a single wide mobile home, every room is connected to the other.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is imperative that you inspect it before making any final decision. This inspection will help you in determining the fair value of the home.