Thermal Home Imaging Inspection

Thermal Imaging in Tampa FL

Thermal (infrared) imaging is a technology that allows Beryl to show you things that can’t be shown using other inspection methods. Thermal imaging, or infrared thermography, produces images of invisible heat energy emitted from objects and systems and allows us to measure it through non-invasive means. Beryl’s thermal imaging analysis provides an invaluable tool to identify and locate these problems. Identification is the first step in problem solving.

There are three principles of thermal imaging. The first principle of thermal imaging is that many components heat up before they fail. Second, all objects emit thermal radiation in the infrared spectrum that is not seen by the human eye. Third, thermal imaging cameras convert the radiation to crisp images from which temperatures can be read.

The Importance of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras do not require light to produce images, and can see hot spots well before excessive heat or loss of insulation leads to failure. Beryl’s trained professionals can use these cameras to diagnose the problem rather than merely identify symptoms and can sometimes, but not always, identify and document:

  • Electrical faults before they cause a fire;
  • Overloaded and undersized circuits;
  • Circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement;
  • Missing, damaged, and/or wet insulation;
  • Heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, water;
  • Moisture intrusion that could lead to mold;
  • Possible pest infestation;
  • Hidden roof leaks, before they cause serious damage;
  • Air conditioner compressor leaks;
  • Under fastening and/or missing framing members;

Thermal Bridging - Lack of Insulation

Thermal Bridging – Lack of Insulation

  • Structural defects;
  • Broken seals in double pane windows;
  • Energy loss and efficiency;
  • Dangerous flue leaks;
  • Damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems;
  • Unknown plumbing leaks;
  • Cracks and Water Ingress into Asphalt Roads; and
  • Overheated equipment.

Facilities can develop faults which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but with a trained Beryl professional using a thermal imaging camera these problems become easier to identify. Predictive maintenance helps with the cost avoidance of a failure causing an unscheduled shut-down. Unscheduled shut-downs may happen if the faults go undetected too long.

Water Damaged Wall

Water Damaged Wall

Electrical Gear Predictive Maintenance

  • Loose Connections;
  • Fuse Inspection;
  • Bus Bar Corrosion; and
  • Overloaded Fuses.

Mechanical Equipment Predictive Maintenance:

  • Detecting Heat Transfer and Heat Loss;
  • Verification of Insulation and Temperature Gradients;
  • Solid Buildups in Transfer Piping;
  • Leaks in Transfer Pipes;
  • Breakdown of Transfer Pipe Lining;
  • Failing Shaft Bearings;
  • Failing Roller Bearings;
  • Failing Fan Motors;
  • Flare Monitoring;  and
  • Hot Spot Detection.

Verified InterNACHI Inspector

The colorful infrared images can then be included in the inspection report providing supporting documentation to the report. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Beryl’s principal is both a verifiable member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and an Infrared-Certified Professional.