TAMPA, Fla. (May 22, 2023) — Beryl Engineering & Inspection announced today it has completed filming on the first of several episodes of A&E’s Zombie House Flipping series. The company provides its engineering team’s leadership and technical knowledge to address potential building renovation and rehabilitation challenges. 

The show approached Beryl Engineering & Inspection to ensure the physical integrity of several houses on the series. Specifically, Beryl’s role ensures the project’s overall safety and durability, which is paramount for the show hosts, Dolmar Cross, Amanda Areopagita, and Samantha Middleton, as well as all other employees working on the show.

In the first of several episodes, Beryl’s team worked on a house located in the Seminole Heights neighborhood in Tampa, Fla. Beryl’s Principal Project Manager, Leo Cannyn, was tasked with confirming the home was structurally sound so kitchen renovations could take place.  

Structural engineers must identify load-bearing walls when renovating a house because removing this kind of wall requires distinct measurements and calculations. Cannyn and the Beryl Engineering & Inspection team created a design plan for the structural soundness of the entire building. Ultimately, the final project had to meet building codes to secure permitting.  

With the expertise of Beryl Engineering & Inspection, the Zombie House Flippers could remove walls, ensure the house’s stability, and create a more modern open design concept of the kitchen. 

“I was excited to have received the call to participate in the show and determine the structural soundness of the house for the desired project,” said Cannyn. “It was a great experience.” 

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