Solar Panel Design

Harness the Power of Florida’s Sun to Lower Your Electric Bills with Sustainable and Renewable Energy Permit Packages.

Beryl Project Engineering’s Envision SP team provides Permit Ready Packages for your Photovoltaic Solar needs. We all know that Florida Building Code is one of the strictest Building Codes in the nation. Your panels need a design that takes into account both Wind Speed Loading and Energy Production. Beryl assists both individual homeowners who purchase Photovoltaic Solar “kits” and local installers with the Structural and Electrical Design Packages required to get a Photovoltaic Solar Permit.

Beryl uses state-of-the-art modeling software to determine the best configuration to maximize the energy returns on your investment. This process involves the azimuth of the sun and derating the equipment from shade cover. It is important that you acquire the services of professionals who understand the intricate design and process that goes into modeling Photovoltaic Solar systems. At Beryl Project Engineering we have experienced and licensed Envision SP Professional Engineers and drafters with years of experience in roof design. Here is what we can offer you in our Photovoltaic Solar Panel design services for permit ready packages:
  • Solar Hot Water Heaters

  • Solar Pool Panels
  • Solar PV Panels for Residential
  • Solar PV Panels for Commercial
  • Solar PV Panels Ground Mounted

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy starts through the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar cells. These cells contain numerous semi-conductor layers with one layer containing a positive charge and the other a negative charge. When these Photovoltaic Solar cells are exposed to sunlight, the Photovoltaic Solar cell absorbs the sun’s solar energy.

Much like a battery, the sun’s energy bounces between the negative and positive layers of the Photovoltaic cells creating a voltage differential.  From there, the voltage differential creates electricity. A module of Photovoltaic Solar cells then increases the amount of electricity that you can use. A group of modules form an array to create the desired voltage, amperage, and watts for your system.

Confused? Don’t be. That’s why you need us to design your system for you.  Contact Beryl today.

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