Baby Proofing Assessment

Baby Proofing Service in Tampa FL

Babyproofing, Childproofing, and Pet Proofing can be overwhelming

You could spend months researching the difference between a clasp lock, magnetic lock, or pressure pate. Then you could spend even more time figuring out the best anchor system for a cabinet versus a TV. Let Beryl’s team take the guesswork and frustration out of the equation for you. Our professional baby proofing service is available to the surrounding areas of Tampa FL.

Babyproofing Inspection Evaluation with Home Safety Plan in Tampa FL

Beryl’s InterNACHI Certified and Florida Licensed Home Inspector does a room-by-room walk through of your entire home identifying hazards developed off checklists created by a Licensed Professional Engineer. Each Baby Proofing Inspection Evaluation starts with a brief interview. After the inspection, the Babyproofing Assessment Evaluation ends with a brief recap and walkthrough. Beryl’s Babyproofing Assessment Evaluation is an educational tool on how to make your home safer along with discovering material hazards you didn’t even know existed. Beryl finds that the single most important part of any Babyproofing or Childproofing is educating the caretakers on Home Safety. We have you covered for any baby proofing inspection services in Tampa FL.

Through this Babyproofing Assessment Evaluation, Beryl identifies potential material hazards that may cause injuries to a Baby, Child, or Pet. Areas covered by the Babyproofing Assessment Evaluation include material hazards related to the following areas:

After the Babyproofing Assessment Evaluation, Beryl supplies the information to you through a custom Home Safety Plan. In addition to listing the material hazards during the inspection, Beryl lists important community information. That community information entails local emergency numbers and helpful websites that address crucial topics such as recalled products and child safety issues. At the end of the Home Safety Plan, you will receive a personalized checklist and a detailed written estimate of the cost of products and installation.

Our Professional Engineers remove leaving your child’s safety to chance by providing decisive selections of childproofing products that will be the most effective in your home. We have spent hours researching complete lines of child safety devices. The Professional Engineers choose the devices that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy for adults to use and difficult for babies, children and pets, simultaneously. With so many childhood injuries being preventable through simple Safety Measures, we want to make sure that each parent has easy access to the knowledge to prevent injury.