Do you want to sell your home before the end of 2021? There can be many motivations to rid yourself of real estate property before December 31, 2021, including taxes, career moves or family considerations. Sometimes when homeowners are in a hurry to sell they can overlook some factors that may help them set a more attractive selling price. Hillsborough County Home Inspections can provide valuable information about your home that can help you make it even more attractive to potential buyers.

Learn Your Home’s True Condition

Buyers are usually the ones that pay for a Hillsborough County home inspection during the sale process. But sellers can use the information from their own professional home inspection to make important decisions before they even place their home on the market. Knowing your home’s true condition allows you to choose actions that can raise your home’s value and asking price without too much investment.

Make Strategic Upgrades Based on Hillsborough County Home Inspections

You can make some strategic upgrades that can significantly enhance your home’s appeal armed with the knowledge of Hillsborough County home inspections. Many realtors will affirm that certain areas of a home and specific amenities or options make a huge impact on prospective buyers. Homebuyers moving to Tampa will expect a certain level of comfort and modernity when searching for prospective properties. Some simple upgrades and changes can make your home stand out from the rest.

Provide Plenty of Electrical Outlets

Modern families rely on a wide array of electronics. Every family member becomes accustomed to a TV in every room (with appropriate cable service connections), cellphones and chargers, smart devices and other electrical appliances. Adding some extra outlets in every room can leave a huge impression on prospective buyers. This may require an upgraded electrical panel to accommodate the additional load. Hillsborough County home inspections by Beryl will indicate if an upgraded electrical panel is recommended for your home.

Make the Kitchen Pop

Families will spend lots of time in the kitchen so this room should really attract attention for the right reasons. You can spend tons of money in the kitchen but still have a limited return. Small enhancements can really make the kitchen pop. Hillsborough County home inspections can alert you to any issues in the kitchen that should be repaired, like leaks or appliance problems.

Adding more GFCI outlets in the kitchen will definitely be a wise upgrade. A new coat of a light, neutral colored paint always makes things appear fresh and clean. New cabinet hardware makes cabinetry and drawers appear new. An investment in new countertops can often add around $10,000 to a home’s value.

Lighting Matters

Brightly lit rooms can make a real impact and show off a room’s amenities. Open curtains and blinds during showings to allow as much natural light in as possible. Changing some light fixtures to allow for better lighting can also add appeal to popular rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, family room and den or game room. Be sure to have an electrician add new fixtures and wire them properly to meet local electrical codes.

Avoid Expensive Upgrades

Small changes can make a world of difference to prospective buyers. Your realtor can make other simple suggestions that can add significant value and attractive power to your home. Hillsborough County home inspections can show you what needs repaired or upgraded so you can handle these issues before listing your home. You can also be selective about what you repair – you can always ask buyers to make some repairs or upgrades in exchange for a lower asking price.

Contact Beryl Project Engineering for Hillsborough County home inspections to help you prepare for selling your home before the close of 2021.