Real estate is in huge demand right now in Tampa and central Florida. An estimated 845 people are moving to Florida each day and that trend is expected to continue through 2025. Home builders are swamped with orders for new homes and construction is suffering slowdowns due to material shortages and delivery delays. Buyers want to remove any and every potential obstacle so they can move into their homes as soon as possible.

One huge mistake new construction home buyers can make is skipping a home inspection in Tampa. Your mortgage lender may require a home inspection before agreeing to finance your purchase – that could settle the question for you. Paying cash or using some other means of financing the purchase could leave the decision up to you.

Skipping a home inspection in Tampa can leave you vulnerable to many different potential problems with your newly built home. Just because a house is brand-new doesn’t mean it will be guaranteed free of issues or mistakes. An investment in a home inspection could save you much in future repairs.

Construction Certifications are NOT Professional Home Inspections

The issue in question that make many new construction home buyers consider skipping a home inspection in Tampa is that the home has already undergone several specific certifications by local inspectors. These inspections for plumbing, HVAC, electrical and other steps only certify that the areas inspected meet minimum standards. Do you want to spend the money being asked for new homes for bare minimum standards?

Specific construction certifications are not professional home inspections. Beryl’s Certified Master Inspector reviews a home’s major systems and components from top to bottom. Items are covered that do not require a specialist certification during construction. This close inspection can reveal items that need attention before you accept the completed home and move your family in to live.

What Problems Can Be Found in a New Construction Home?

Older homes can have some common problems due to worn out components or sagging structural areas. New homes fresh from the builder can also have certain problems. The current real estate boom in Tampa means that builders are rushing to complete projects that may already be way behind schedule. Mistakes can be made that may cause serious problems or safety concerns. Now is not the time to omit a home inspection in Tampa.

Some common problems we have found in new construction homes include:

  • Omitting items from the construction plans
  • Shortcuts/deviations from the construction plans
  • Inappropriate/last-minute additions
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Joists weakened by improperly installed HVAC ducts
  • Unsafe wiring/missing junction boxes
  • Inadequate grading/property drainage
  • Improperly installed appliances
  • Inadequate insulation

Investing in a home inspection in Tampa now can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. These problems that require repairs become your responsibility if you accept the home as-is without a home inspection. The inspection report allows you to point out any discrepancies in the construction of the home and demand they be corrected before accepting the home for purchase.

Get a Reliable Home Inspection in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering

Beryl’s Certified Master Home Inspector can fully inspect your home using protocols and routines that meet or exceed industry guidelines as specified by InterNACHI Standards of Practice. Our home inspections are also covered by the InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee so you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your inspection.

A Beryl home inspection in Tampa provides you with an easy-to-read, computerized inspection report that includes any relevant images. You will receive our comprehensive report within 36 hours of completing your inspection. Our inspectors are also available to explain any item on the report you may not understand.

Contact Beryl Project Engineering today when you need a home inspection in Tampa for a new construction home. Safeguard your investment and do not leave the safety of your family or the integrity of your investment to chance.