Attorneys will frequently use expert witnesses from various industries to establish the facts in a case. This often includes assessing and calculating damages in order to assess their primary cause and any contributing factors. Structural engineers may be called upon to evaluate a damaged structure and provide reports or testimony regarding the cause of the damage and if any material or building defects could be to blame. Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness services for litigation matters where we have knowledge and expertise.

A prime example of such a case would be a building or structure that suffered damages from a hurricane. A building owner may propose that the building should have withstood the storm better and suffered less damages if it was designed and constructed according to modern hurricane risk standards. A structural engineer may be called upon by the attorney for the building owner to evaluate the damaged building and issue a report or testimony about the design and construction of the building.

This testimony could provide valuable evidence that proves the building was not designed or built according to the standards specified. It may have suffered inordinate damage from the hurricane that it would not have sustained had it been designed and/or built differently. Proving this premise could provide the building owner sufficient grounds to win a judgement against the designer and/or builder for damages.

How Could an Expert Witness Help the Case?

The case above could utilize the services of a structural engineer as an expert witness to provide analysis and testimony about the extent of damages the building suffered and the design or material defects that allowed the damages to be more severe than was warranted. The expert witness in this case could be called upon to perform several functions in this role:

  • Analyze the structure and supporting data about the building design and construction to determine the extent of damages. This is particularly important when damages may have occurred due to weaknesses accrued over time or from a design/material weakness or flaw.
  • Consulting with the attorney about methods used for evaluation and how any weaknesses or flaws were detected or proven.
  • Determining the cost of damages and proposed repairs.
  • Providing a clear explanation for the court about their findings and the methods used to arrive at those findings.

Expert Witness Testimony for Litigation by Beryl Project Engineering

Beryl Project Engineering offers expert witness testimony services in areas where we can demonstrate a level of professional expertise. The following statement from Beryl expresses our willingness and ability to provide these services:

“Beryl, as an Expert Witness, has by virtue of education, training, skill, and experience learned specialized knowledge, training, and experience in Florida beyond that of the average person. This knowledge is sufficient enough that others may officially and legally rely upon Beryl’s Expert Witness’ specialized opinion about any evidence or facts issued within the scope of Beryl’s expertise.”

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