Florida homeowners are enjoying a “sellers’ market” right now in and around Tampa and Hillsborough County. A low inventory of available homes is driving up prices and even triggering bidding wars on desirable properties. A home inspection in Tampa can help you prepare to sell your home when the time comes to upgrade or downgrade to meet the needs of your changing family.

Why Have a Home Inspection in Tampa Before I Sell My Home?

Many home sellers may not be aware of the reasons for having a home inspection in Tampa before putting their property on the market. They may see it as a waste of resources because the buyer traditionally contracts and pays for a home inspection prior to purchase. You can realize real benefits by having your own home inspection to help you prepare for selling when the time comes. The extra money you may gain from your home’s increased value could easily cover the home inspection fee.

Increase Your Home’s Value with Needed Repairs

A home inspection in Tampa before you are ready to begin marketing your home will provide you with an accurate picture of your home’s true condition. Living there for a long period of time naturally causes you to become accustomed to things a prospective buyer will notice. Small repairs that have escaped your attention may be highlighted on the inspection report.

Other hidden issues may also be revealed through a home inspection in Tampa. Repairing these items or conditions can add considerable value to your home and allow you to raise the asking price. Think about some of the areas or systems of your home that you do not routinely see or access. Problems could be developing there without your knowledge. Some of these areas include:

  • Roof/attic/insulation
  • HVAC
  • Electrical panel/system
  • Hidden plumbing components
  • Underneath decks and porches
  • Foundation

Knowing about needed repairs allows you to weigh the value of making them or of reducing the price of the home accordingly. Some repairs may be too extensive for you to afford at this time. These can be pointed out to a buyer with an offer to reduce the price to allow them to make the repairs after purchase.

Arm Yourself for Purchase Negotiations

Knowing the true nature of your home’s condition provides you with valuable ammunition for any purchase negotiations with prospective buyers. You can hold fast to your asking price if you know everything is shipshape or if you have made repairs or replaced significant items. You can even show receipts for your repairs or new equipment to fortify your selling position.

A sellers’ market will also allow you to not make some repairs and allow a reduced price after marking up your price accordingly to fit into the current market pricing. Buyers that are willing to negotiate or even bid against other buyers put you into an enviable position. You may not be required to reduce your price for needed repairs at all if the issues are small and multiple buyers are interested. A realtor can advise you further about pricing for the market and how to negotiate the best deal for you.

Schedule Your Home Inspection in Tampa with Beryl Project Engineering

Now is the time to schedule your home inspection in Tampa with Beryl Project Engineering. Allow sufficient time to have the inspection and make any needed repairs before placing your home on the active market. Your Beryl home inspection report will be available within 36 hours of completing your inspection. We provide a detailed, easy-to-understand and computerized inspection report with any relevant images and are always glad to answer your questions.

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