Beryl Project Engineering representatives can serve as an Expert Witness as part of our professional services to Tampa area clients. Our years of training, experience, and nurturing a solid reputation for integrity make our engineers trusted, reliable in litigation matters for which we have expertise. Contact us today if you need these services.

Expert Witness Defined

An expert witness is a person who possesses relevant education, training, skills, certifications, experience, and proficiency in a certain field. These credentials make them reliable and trustworthy witnesses that are permitted to testify in legal matters. Their testimony is accepted as credible by the judge and the court.

Beryl Project Engineering representatives possess the knowledge, training, skills, and experience to qualify as expert witnesses for construction-related and structural engineering matters. Call our office and speak to a Beryl engineer about specific needs.

Roles and Expectations

The primary allegiance of this role is to the court. This takes precedence over any obligation to the party that pays his or her fees. Their evidence and testimony must be objective, independent, and unbiased. This may at times cause a conflict if the testimony is not in favor of the paying party.

This witness also has a duty of care to carry out investigations and research into the matter in question with diligence and professionalism. His or her opinion evidence is to be soundly based on facts and accepted knowledge of the relevant subject matter. The expert witness’ oral and written report to the court is to be submitted according to strict guidelines and are only to contain opinions that are within his or her area of expertise.

Expert witnesses are commonly used in legal matters where the judge or court does not possess the necessary knowledge of a matter that would allow them to render a fair judgement. Common clients that seek the services of an expert witness from Beryl Project Engineering include insurance companies, construction companies, design firms, and private persons.

Contact Beryl Project Engineering at 813-616-3301 and speak to one of our engineers about your needs for an expert witness.