An expert witness can be an invaluable resource to verify facts or challenge testimony in a court case. Expert witnesses are often used when insurance companies enter into litigation over conflicting efforts to resolve customer claims. Beryl Project Engineering can provide qualified, knowledgeable, and unbiased expert witness testimony regarding matters that fall under our areas of expertise.

Who is Qualified as An Expert Witness?

An expert in any field must possess both a broad knowledge of the subject as well as a deep competence in skills. These generally are the product of thorough education, training, and hands-on experience in a particular field. Most experts have years of research, study, and practical experience in a narrow field of study.

Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness testimony in the area of structural engineering and construction. This includes a vast knowledge of engineering and construction codes and commonly accepted industry standards that govern construction and engineering practices, such as:

  • AAMA
  • ANSI
  • ASTM
  • FM Global
  • International Code Council
  • NRCA
  • RCI
  • UL
  • Florida State and Local Codes and Requirements (Tampa, Hillsborough County)

This also includes submitting Expert Witness Reports according to the ASTM E620-04Standard Practice for Reporting Opinions of Scientific or Technical Experts.

How Will an Attorney Use an Expert Witness?

The expert witness in a property insurance claim will be called upon to evaluate the claim in dispute and render his or her expert opinion as to the efficacy of a submitted claim or any lacking information. The expert will be required to perform their own personal evaluation and formulate a written report that is submitted as evidence before the court.

The expert witness may be called to testify before the court regarding his or her report, findings, or to render an opinion on other claim reports submitted to the court. An expert witness’ qualifications and experience may be shared before the court to verify his or her reliability as an expert witness. An expert witness who possesses an appropriate, professional demeanor and strong communication skills can make a considerable impression on the court.

When you need expert witness services for insurance claims litigation, call Beryl Project Engineering at 813-616-3301. Inquire about a consultation to learn more about how our expert witness services could benefit your claims case.