An expert witness for litigation is a frequently-used component of civil litigation. Their testimony can become a critical piece of evidence that plays a key role in developing, preparing and prosecuting a case to a successful conclusion. Expert witnesses for litigation are used by both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous legal proceedings. Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness services for litigation in areas where we possess recognized expertise.

How Does an Expert Witness Help My Case?

An expert witness provides testimony as evidence regarding specific areas in which they have training and experience. Highly trained and experienced structural engineers from Beryl Project Engineering have served clients numerous times with expert witness testimony. Our engineers can evaluate a structure or structural inspection reports and render an opinion that is factual and reliable.

Expert witnesses provide evidence of a technical or scientific nature that is beyond the scope of the average layman. Beryl engineers can provide reliable and experienced testimony about structural engineering and certain related matters that can be used as evidence in certain legal cases concerning the integrity of a variety of structures. This testimony can help members of the court gain a better understanding of the technical issues in question in order to make sound judgements.

When Should I Seek an Expert Witness for Litigation?

Beryl Project Engineering recommends seeking an engineer for expert witness testimony early in a claims process. An initial review of the case can reveal circumstances that warrant more work from the engineer before he or she can render a professional opinion and complete a report for the court.

Choosing an expert witness engineer early can also provide clients with better insight into what can be complex matters relating to structural engineering, evaluating structures, different types of force and damages and more pertinent material. The engineer can also assist with preparing documents and explaining technical language that may be used in the actual court proceedings.

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