Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness consulting concerning model building codes, local building codes, and building ordinances. Our professional, licensed engineers can provide testimony and reports involving Florida building regulations, the Uniform Building Code (UBC), and the International Building Code. We are also highly qualified to offer reliable testimony regarding building envelope performance, structural failures, building defects, and building distress, as well as related construction engineering topics.

Forensics in Engineering

Forensics is a science made popular by the many law enforcement shows on television. Viewers hear all about DNA testing and other aspects of gathering evidence to tie crimes to a perpetrator. Forensics in engineering is similar in that a professional engineer will examine a building or structure to ascertain the reason for a structural failure or other problem, or to determine if it adheres to applicable building codes.

Beryl Project Engineering has trained, licensed, and experienced construction engineers who can perform forensic analysis of numerous structures and issue a report on the factors leading to its failure. These services are often needed when parties bring charges against building owners or construction companies over some aspect of a structure’s failure. This can often involve serious injuries because of the building or structure’s defects. Therefore, such expert witness testimony is vital to help the courts make the best decisions.

Code and Regulation Compliance

A large part of an expert witness’ knowledge regards different building codes and regulations that must be followed when any structure is designed and erected. The State of Florida is known to have some of the strictest building codes in the nation. These codes are to protect workers and consumers from shoddy materials or workmanship that can lead to accidents or even death when a structure fails.

The applicable codes depend on the type of building or structure. An example would be an apartment building designed for long-term residency. Applicable codes require that the building be constructed to resist fire, flood, wind, and other stresses, as well as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other important system codes for safety and quality.

Any building designed for occupancy must also comply with regulations set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA). A major requirement of the ADA is that buildings provide access for disabled individuals, no matter the type of structure. A handicapped person who is denied access because of their disability could sue the building owner for non-compliance. An expert witness from Beryl could inspect the building and render a report on the specific areas of non-compliance that exist for use by the handicapped person. They could also provide evidence for the building owner that ADA-compliant access does, in fact, exist.

Expert Witnesses for Litigation

Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness services for construction-related cases for which we have training and experience. Our engineers have over 20years of experience in the construction industry and are well-suited for such purposes. Beryl also has a respectable reputation across Florida that adds significant weight to the dependability of our expert witness testimony.

Call Beryl Project Engineering to discuss your needs for expert witness services for litigation with one of our talented and experienced engineers.