Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness services for purposes of litigation when parties need testimony or review by qualified construction or structural engineers. Our many years of experience and training in construction trades and structural engineering lend solid credibility to our testimony on these matters. Here’s how our expert witness testimony can help your case. 

Expert Knowledge

An expert witness is called upon to provide expert-level knowledge on matters in which they have extensive training, education and experience. This can be especially beneficial when matters can easily become clouded with confusion over terminology or processes. An expert witness can translate industry-level jargon into easily-understood language for the court and all parties concerned. A thorough explanation of the matter at hand often goes far toward clarifying matters and even reaching a settlement. 

Unbiased Opinion

Expert witnesses are typically chosen for their expertise and because they have no prior connections with the parties in dispute. Their testimony on matters before the court or in reviews of circumstances are based 100% on the facts. Such impartiality lends even more credibility to their testimony and helps establish its validity before the court. Beryl Project Engineering has a well-earned reputation for being completely independent, unbiased and unconnected to other area construction or engineering companies. 

Reliable Evaluation 

An expert witness can provide a professional, impartial examination of structures and/or circumstances with an eye on forensic analysis in order to discern previous conditions before a failure or other event. Beryl engineers are accustomed to determining what happened in a failure as well as what contributed to the failure. The forensic analysis of an expert witness can point out faulty materials, conditions or construction practices that contributed to a failure or other event. This testimony of how events happened and why can significantly strengthen a case. 

Beryl Project Engineering can provide expert witness testimony in matters of litigation regarding areas in which we have significant training, education and experience. Contact a Beryl team member today if you need expert witness services for your case in Florida.