One way to establish the credibility or validity of a case is for the attorney to provide expert witness testimony relating to the matter before the court. The attorney is typically not an expert in the particulars of his or her case. They are experts at the law and cannot speak with authority to matters outside their realm of expertise. Beryl Project Engineering provides qualified expert witness services for matters pertaining to structural engineering and construction.

What Constitutes an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a person who possesses a level of knowledge, skill, and experience on a subject that enables them to render an informed opinion. Expert witness services are typically employed in matters pertaining to:

  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Other specialty areas

Competent attorneys will attempt to vet a potential expert witness by examining the expert’s professional and educational background, professional experience, licensing history, litigation history, disciplinary history, and any prior witness testimony and challenges. This is vitally important for the attorney’s case. A supposed expert witness who renders an opinion under oath and is then proven to be categorically mistaken does more harm than good to the attorney’s case.

Beryl Expert Witness Services in Florida

Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness services in Florida relating to matters of structural engineering and construction with which we have proven expertise. Attorneys wishing to use our expert witness services can discuss the particulars with a Beryl representative in person by appointment. We will then determine if we possess the required expertise in that area to confidently render adequate services.

Beryl Project Engineering can also provide licensing and other qualifying material to an attorney for the vetting process. This includes a litigation history and pertinent records from past services that are applicable.

Beryl structural engineers are available if you need expert witness services for litigation matters pertaining to structural engineering or construction. Call or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss our qualifications and services in Florida.