Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Expired Permits Can Become an Expensive Problem


Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Everyone needs to have work done on their house at some point during home-ownership. Permits are required regardless if the work is the new installation of a pool or putting a new roof on the house. These permits are issued by your municipalities building department and verify that the work performed meets the coding regulations. Permits need to be closed out within six months in Hillsborough County, Florida. Permits that are not closed out within 180 days will expire. An extension needs to be requested to close the permit. A secondary option is to pull a new permit. Pulling a new permit will be an added cost to the project since each permit is three percent of the total project cost. There can also be costly consequences if you try to sell your house with an open or expired permit.  Let’s discuss these situations further.

Building Permits in Hillsborough County

Pools, pool enclosures, and roofs are the most common projects that are left with an open or expired permit. In Hillsborough County homeowners have 180-days to complete work and close out a permit. An inspection can be requested if the work is not completed and a 180-day extension may be granted. If a permit is never closed out, it remains unresolved.

How an Open Permit Can Affect a Home Sale

If you pull a permit and don’t close it out it can adversely affect the sale of the property in question. A few things can take place:

  • The buyers will walk away from the house resulting in a failed transaction
  • The project will need to be completed before the sale becomes finalized
  • The sellers can expedite the stalled permitting process by acquiring an engineering affidavit and keep the sale of the property on track

Obtaining an engineering affidavit is the best option to get the home sale back on track.

What is an Engineering Affidavit?

An engineering affidavit is a letter stating that the property has been inspected and it meets Florida Building Code during the time that the permit was initially pulled. This letter is done in conjunction with an inspection and states that the permitted work that is needed to be completed had been done so correctly.

An engineering affidavit is only valid if the permitted work had been completed and the time allotted to do so had lapsed. An affidavit cannot be issued for incomplete work. If you have an expired contract and need an engineering affidavit today visit https://berylprojectengineering.com.