Home Inspector Tampa

Home Inspector Tampa | Are you planning to purchase a home in the Tampa area? Then you will want to find a local home inspector. A quick google search of “Home Inspector Tampa” will reveal many that service that specific area. Narrowing down your search to just one can be a challenge. Here are some questions and advice to get your “home inspector Tampa” search down to one or two.  


Years of Experience

Finding a home inspector that has worked in the Tampa area for a while is essential. Tampa has weather patterns and humidity issues that are unique to the city. Being on the Gulf Coast also possesses its own set of needs. You want to be sure that the person you hire to inspect your home has the experience in Tampa.


Licensed and Insured

Make sure that your home inspector is licensed and insured through the state of Florida. Tampa does not have its own licensing requirements; the state of Florida does. Check to make sure that your chosen home inspector is insured and that their license is in good standing with the state of Florida.


Talk to Your Real Estate Agent

See who your real estate agent recommends for a Tampa home inspector. Nearly three-quarters of home inspectors are a direct referral from a Realtor. You should find out why your Realtor does or doesn’t recommend an inspector.


Other Questions to Ask Your Tampa Home Inspector

Here is a list of other questions you should ask your inspector:

  • What do they charge?
  • What is included?
  • Do they provide a 4-point inspection?
  • Do they provide FHA inspections?
  • Do they provide wind mitigation assessments?
  • Do they provide structural assessments?

It may be best to find a different home inspector if any of these questions are not answered to your liking.

A home inspector’s job is to find any issues that may be taking place in your future home. They also look for indications that could soon become problematic. Finding just the right inspector is essential to ensure that you will have years of happiness in your new home. Call Beryl Engineering today to schedule your home inspection.