Expired Permit Letter

Are you trying to sell your home with an open or expired permit in Hillsborough County?

Are you trying to replace your roof, but can’t?

You might need a permit letter.

We assist our clients in closing out open or expired permits through an engineering permit letter. The primary purpose of this permit letter is for Beryl, as an Engineer, to certify that at the time of their review, the work associated with the expired or open permit was completed pursuant to the Florida Building Code at the time the permit was pulled. The secondary purpose of the permit letter is to provide the necessary documentation to allow the expired permit to be closed.

Beryl performs a review of the open permit file as found on the Hillsborough County website, and then visits your property to perform a visual, non-invasive inspection of the item associated with the expired permit. Beryl then compares the construction of the permitted item to the Florida Building Code in effect at the time the open permit was pulled. We retain photographs for future reference in case Hillsborough County questions the permit letter and needs further proof of compliance to close out the expired permit. After receiving two copies of the signed and sealed Engineering Affidavit permit letter, you can then hand deliver this permit letter to Hillsborough County Permitting Department to close out your expired permit. Hillsborough County Permitting Department is located at:

Building & Construction Services
County Center Office
601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 19th Floor
Tampa, Florida 33602

The most common open or expired permits are Pool, Pool Enclosure, or Roof Permits. To find out if you have an expired or open permit on your property for Hillsborough County in Tampa, Riverview, Lutz, or Brandon, Fl, click on the following link:
Hillsborough County Building Services Division

The official title from Hillsborough County is called “Residential After the Fact Permit (ATF) for Completed and Uncompleted Project. You can download Hillsbrough County’s instructions here:
Hillsborough County ATF

All of our clients receive an electronically transmitted permit letter and two copies of this permit letter by mail. Don’t delay. Contact us today to close out your open and expired permits through a permit letter.