Expert witness testimony for litigation can be an integral part of a legal case. Beryl Project Engineering provides expert witness testimony in Tampa for cases involving construction, structural engineering and other areas where we possess recognized knowledge and experience. Legal representatives and company executives should not underestimate the testimony of a litigation/expert witness.

Specific Knowledge

The expert witness is considered to be an expert by virtue of the specific knowledge they possess on a given topic. An example of this would be knowledge of advanced construction and engineering procedures involved in a building. A legal case involving structural failure of a relatively new building would benefit from the specific knowledge a Beryl certified structural engineer could provide.

Superior Experience

Another important factor that gives credence to expert witness testimony is superior experience. No better teacher exists than the experience of hands-on involvement in an industry over time. Different scenarios present themselves and various lessons are learned through solving problems and successfully surmounting obstacles. This real-world experience can often contradict accepted knowledge and provide a serious foothold for your legal case.

Reputation of Integrity

Knowledge and experience can be good or bad. A vast amount of incorrect knowledge and experience in making mistake after mistake does not make a reliable expert witness. The crowning factor for a reliable expert witness is a reputation of integrity. Their knowledge and experience have been proven over time to be trustworthy and effective. Their word can be believed and decisions can be made on their expertise.

Beryl Project Engineering provides this type of honest, reliable, knowledgeable expertise in areas in which we have an indicated level of experience. We can provide the inspections, documentation and reviews necessary to help support your legal case. Call or message us online today and ask to speak with an engineer about our expert witness for litigation services in Florida.