Beryl Project Engineering is an area leader in providing quality, unbiased and reliable home inspections in a variety of situations. The most common reason clients need Hillsborough County home inspections are when buying or selling a home. Other reasons we perform home inspections include periodic inspections for rental properties, periodic inspections for vacation properties and special request inspections for a variety of situations.

One question that is frequently posed to our inspectors is, “What is the best season for Hillsborough County home inspections?” Seasonal concerns can affect your home inspections to some degree. Each season of the year presents opportunities and challenges. Use this guide as you make plans to buy or sell a home or if you need periodic inspections for your properties.


Spring can be the busiest time of year for Hillsborough County home inspections. Warmer weather and more sunshine encourage many to choose this time of year for buying or selling a home. Warming weather can also bring about some changes in your home. Warm temperatures cause expansion in many materials. This can produce cracks in paint or other surfaces that can be misleading. Paint cracks are not always a sign of structural problems.

Warmer weather can also bring out the various bug populations. Springtime home inspections often encounter new nests or infestations of bugs or even rodents that have sheltered indoors through the winter. The home inspector may enjoy the warmer weather in which to perform an inspection. But many critters will also be active in warmer weather.


Summertime in Florida is arguably the best time of year. Home inspections include exploring attic spaces and that means a hot and sweaty task. Bugs will also be out in full force and nests will be fully made and occupied. This can create some difficulties for the inspector – but this doesn’t affect whether or not you should schedule a Hillsborough County home inspection in the summer. Our skilled inspectors work in all kinds of weather and are prepared for any challenge.

Summer heat can also bring about some changes in your home. Increased temperatures will cause expansion and extreme Florida heat can cause some areas to sweat. Longer periods of daylight under daylight savings time can also make it easier to schedule a home inspection later in the day for greater convenience.


Fall in Florida is much like Summer as the temperatures remain the same until late in the year. Extended periods of heat can affect your home in different ways that can include accumulating moisture. Fall can also mean an increase in storms or rainy weather that can impact the timing and performance of home inspections. Stormy weather isn’t the best time for a home inspection and can throw off scheduling. The typically cooling weather of late Fall is ideal for Hillsborough County home inspections. Fall is also a low period for buying and selling homes. This can make scheduling yours easier.


Winter is still pleasant in Florida and it is always a slower time for Hillsborough County home inspections. Cooler weather causes materials to contract or shrink and this can trigger some reactions in your home. Winter can also be a damp time in Florida and this can impact what an inspector may find in your home inspection. Insect activity will be at a minimum if not curbed completely so now is a good time to remove nests and clear away insect debris before an inspection. Many rentals are not busy during the winter months and this makes it an ideal time to schedule home inspections for your rental properties.

Anytime You Need Hillsborough County Home Inspections

Beryl Project Engineering routinely performs Hillsborough County home inspections all year round through every season. No one season is better than another for a home inspection. Temperate Florida weather allows for year-round services with few restrictions or modifications. Call Beryl Project Engineering anytime you need Hillsborough County home inspections. Our Certified Master Inspector has the skills, tools and experience to perform quality home inspections during any season of the year.