Buying or selling a home is an exciting time in your life. Having a professional home inspection is a vital part of that process. Are you not sure what to expect? Here are 5 tips to prepare for a home inspector in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering.

Be Present

We are often asked if our home inspectors prefer the homeowner be present or absent during the home inspection. We believe it is better for the homeowner to be present during the entire duration of the on-site inspection. There are several reasons why this can be beneficial. The owner can answer any questions the inspector may have about the home or any unusual findings. They can also ask questions about the process or anything the inspector discovers.

Be Honest

Be honest and share any information the inspector needs to complete the inspection. Covering up any issues is not to your benefit and an experienced home inspector in Tampa will likely uncover them anyway. Sharing any knowledge of problems up front can possibly speed up the inspection process and help the inspector to do a more thorough job.

Be Helpful

There are some things you can do just before the home inspector in Tampa arrives that are very helpful. Unlock any doors or access panels to allow the inspector full access. Move any furniture or objects that may be blocking important access panels or inspection panels. Remove any pets from the premises or at least restrain them away from the home. Be sure the inspector has access to HVAC controls and electrical panels.

Be Considerate

Inspectors always appreciate a homeowner that is present and helpful but not in the way. We welcome you to ask questions if necessary. But prolonged interruptions or conversations will only draw out the inspection process and distract the inspector. Be considerate and allow the inspector the space to conduct a thorough inspection with as few interruptions as possible. We recommend you be on the property and nearby but out of the way.

Be Ready

Beryl Project Engineering knows that people are busy and schedules can be tight. That is why we offer our home inspection services on a flexible schedule that includes weekends for your convenience. We also expect that you be present on the property and ready for us to arrive and begin the inspection on time. A late arrival only prolongs the inspection time frame and may make us late for other appointments. We will be on time – we ask that you be on time and ready as well.

Are you buying or selling a home and need a home inspector in Tampa? Call or message us at Beryl Project Engineering.