Beryl solar design engineers are often asked, “How long will my solar design last?” This is a legitimate question considering the investment involved. Homeowners and business owners are wise to consider the return on their investment into solar power. Will an investment into a custom solar design for your home or business last a considerable time?

The Rapid Rise of Solar Energy

The use of solar energy is growing rapidly. Across the globe, solar energy accounts for just 1% of electricity production, but experts predict that number will rise to more than 25% by 2050. In many places around the world (including 20 states in the U.S. – that figure is expected to be 42 states by the end of 2020) solar energy has already achieved grid parity. This means the cost of solar energy is at or below the cost of purchasing energy from the local power grid.

This rise in usage includes research and development into newer technologies for stronger solar panels, better solar panel output, and lower panel degradation rates. Current technology is incredibly efficient already. The average design lasts 25 to 30 years. This is much longer than it takes to pay for itself. And solar designs have no moving parts to wear out – everything is static. Typical failures occur due to damage from an outside source like trees falling into the solar array.

Your Tampa Custom Solar Design

Your Tampa custom design from Beryl Project Engineering meets the strict Florida building codes and is designed to last for decades. Our Envision SP team provides Permit Ready Packages for your Photovoltaic Solar needs as well as custom designs to fit any residential or commercial application. Our design engineers use the most state-of-the-art software to model wind speed loading, the sun’s azimuth on your property, and other factors to create a design that will deliver the highest possible energy production.

Solar energy is growing by the day and your solar investment can be expected to far outlast your custom solar design. Contact Beryl Project Engineering about photovoltaic solar designs for your home or business.