Beryl Project Engineering provides highly-qualified, WIND Certified® Umpires and Appraisers as part of our professional services to Tampa area clients. Why should this certification matter to you when you are seeking an independent claim appraiser or umpire?

What is WIND Certification?

The Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) is a professional member association and annual conference founded in 1999 to offer education and industry insight for the property/windstorm insurance claims industry. WIND provides educational training, continuing education, professional development, credential programs, and networking opportunities to enhance the individual and the industry.

WIND Certification training is designed to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of independent property claim appraisers and umpires in the industry in order to better serve the public. Beryl Project Engineering has WIND Certified Appraisers and Umpires with the most current certifications available (2020-2023) to provide knowledgeable, unbiased, and reliable services when property damage claims are in dispute.

Beryl Umpires and Appraisers

Beryl umpires and appraisers are competent and impartial professionals who evaluate claims and the value of property or the amount of a property loss. We are commonly contracted to provide an independent appraisal when a client seeks another opinion of a damage assessment to their home or property. Every homeowner has the right to seek an independent appraisal if they disagree with the insurance company’s appraisal of damages.

Umpires are called upon to be an independent third party in the negotiations in the event that the insurance adjuster and the independent appraiser cannot reach a satisfactory resolution for differing appraisals. It is the umpire’s responsibility to help both appraisers reach an agreement or to make the final decision regarding a settlement.

Contact Beryl Project Management at 813-616-3301 or send a message online to inquire about independent appraiser or insurance umpire services in Tampa.