Prospective home buyers and sellers in Tampa should both invest in a professional home inspection prior to any negotiations. The reason for this should be obvious – hidden damages or problems can severely affect sales negotiations. It is always better to know about problems before a home sale is completed. This is particularly true with plumbing problems. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems discovered by a home inspector in Tampa.

Problems with Piping

Different types of piping used for home plumbing systems can cause problems. Old polybutylene pipes can break down over time from chlorine in the water. Galvanized piping from before the 1960s are really just lead pipes coated with zinc. The zinc flakes off over time and exposes the home’s inhabitants to lead poisoning from their own water supply system.

Rusty, leaky, or broken pipes can cause catastrophic damage even before a leak is discovered. Water follows the path of least resistance. This means it can flow considerable distances from a leak and cause damage all along the way.

Problems with Sewer Lines

Sewer lines can frequently become clogged from excessive toiletries or other items being flushed away. Sewage backups into the home causes physical damage as well as toxic contamination of numerous surfaces. Tree roots growing into sewer lines underground is another common problem. Roots can block or shatter sewer lines and cause backups in the home or pooling in the yard.

Problems with Hidden Leaks

Hidden leaks are some of the most troublesome problems for homeowners. Much of the damage from hidden leaks is also hidden until a major failure reveals it. Ceilings falling in, walls molding, and terrible odors are all indicators of a hidden leak that has been wreaking havoc for some time. And leaks in one area can cause water to travel to other areas and cause damage. Homeowners are often unaware of hidden leaks until a home inspector in Tampa discovers it during a home inspection.

Problems with Hot Water Heaters

Water heaters can present numerous problems for homeowners that may not be noticeable. Sediment buildup inside the tank can cause rust and leaks over time. A wrong-sized tank installation can be inadequate for the family’s use and become overworked and problematic. Incorrect thermostat settings on the heater can also cause problems.

A Beryl home inspector in Tampa can locate these and other problems with a home before sale negotiations are completed. This allows the buyer or seller to make better informed decisions about the deal. Call Beryl Project Engineering at 813-616-3301 or send a message online when you need a reliable home inspector in Tampa, FL.