Custom Solar Design | You’ve likely invested much into your Florida home. The Tampa Bay area in particular boasts some of the most beautiful and comfortable homes in the entire Sunshine State. Many homeowners have added outdoor entertaining areas and sun decks with swimming pools to enhance their home’s value and comfort. Other renovations or improvements have made many homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

But what about adding a custom solar design to your Florida home? The benefits are well worth the investment. Beryl Project Engineering in Tampa can work with you to create the perfect custom design to meet your unique needs. Call us today to discuss your options.

Homeowners Planning to Stay

Florida homeowners planning to keep their current homes long-term can enjoy a full range of benefits from investing in a custom solar design. Your initial design and installation investment can be offset by the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit through the 2020 tax year and beyond. Installations in 2020 can enjoy a 22% credit. Those in 2021 and beyond still get a 10% deduction.

Homes with different solar designs in various locations can save money over time on their energy bills. The average savings can top $1,000 per year. This is often over half of the energy costs for an average-sized home. Your custom design can literally pay for itself well within its lifetime.

Homeowners Planning to Sell

Those Florida homeowners who plan to sell their homes in the foreseeable future have no reason to not consider a custom solar design. Studies show that a custom solar design can raise the value of the average home by 4.1%. Add that to the 22% tax credit for 2020 and the idea of adding a solar energy solution to your home takes on new interest.

Now is the time to investigate a custom solar design and become part of the sustained efforts across the United States to “go green” with renewable energy solutions. Beryl Project Engineering in Tampa can provide the necessary help for homeowners and local installers with the Structural and Electrical Design Packages required to get a Photovoltaic Solar Permit. We offer several ready-made packages or our solar design engineers can create a workable design for your home.

Considering Solar Design?

Call 813-616-3301 today to speak to a Beryl solar design expert who can answer your questions and help you investigate the benefits of going solar in your Florida home this year.