In most cases, it is the prospective buyer of a home who will hire a home inspector to complete a thorough review of the property before confirming a purchase. This makes sense, as the buyer is the one investing a large sum of money in the transaction. However, if you are preparing to sell, it may be wise to have a home inspection completed before your house even hits the market.

Arm Yourself with Information

To put your house on the market for an appropriate price, you need to know the exact condition of the home. Are there potentially costly repairs which are going to come up on a buyer’s inspection? You may as well learn about those now, so you can plan ahead. You may choose to do the repairs before going to market, or you may decide to leave them for the new owner. Either way, knowing what the situation is will help you to price the home correctly.

Streamline the Negotiation Process

Do you want to go back and forth with a prospective buyer several times before striking a deal? Probably not. To hopefully avoid such a scenario, have a thorough inspection completed in advance and take care of as many issues as you can. That way, the buyer’s inspection should come back mostly clean, and there will be far less to work out before a deal can be struck.

A Worthwhile Investment

You are going to need to spend money to have the inspection performed. However, considering the size of this transaction, investing in a home inspection which can better prepare your property for market is a pretty easy choice.

If you are in the process of preparing to sell your home, Beryl Engineering and Inspection would be happy to perform a thorough, professional home inspection. Please contact us right away for more information.