Important Aspects of Manufactured Home Inspection

There are a lot of similarities between a regular home inspection and manufactured home inspection. However, both of them are not entirely same. Whether you are first time manufactured home buyer or a seller, it is important to hire a qualified FHA manufactured home inspector that is an engineer to detect the flaws in the building so that a prompt action can be taken. Continue reading to discover the important aspects of manufactured home and tie-down inspection.

  • Structures and Tie-down Inspection

Tie-downs are the anchors and straps that secure a manufactured home. Strong winds can flip manufactured homes over if they are not properly anchored. FHA Manufactured home inspectors will carry out a tie-down inspection to make sure that the homes remain stable. This inspection has to be done by a Licensed Engineer in Florida. The foundation of the structure will also be carefully analyzed so that it is ascertained that the lightweight manufactured home remains firm. All of the other structural elements like the walls, beams, ceiling, floors, roofs and perimeter blocking will be checked.

  • Utility Inspection

The manufactured homes must be examined cautiously to detect flaws. These include water leakages, ductwork, gas lines, electrical connections and plumbing. Just like the regular home inspection, professional FHA home inspectors will use the advanced non-invasive thermal imaging techniques to check all the discrepancies that may require immediate repair. The cost of maintenance and repair work related to the utilities during FHA manufactured home and tie-down inspection is also same as the regular homes.

  • HUD Label Inspection

HUD label or certification is a metallic plate that is fixed to the exterior of the manufactured home. The FHA manufactured home and tie-down inspector will check the wind zone that the home was designed for and verify if it is situated at the right location. The label also contains information about the safety standards.

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