Beryl Project Engineering offers a number of different Hillsborough County Home Inspections to meet a variety of needs. Different situations concerning your home or prospective home demand a special type of inspection. Beryl Master Inspectors can perform any type of home inspection your Florida home requires.

Pre-Sale Home Inspections

The most common home inspections Beryl engineers perform are the standard pre-sale home inspection. This comprehensive inspection provides information on the condition of the home for the buyer and seller. This report is then used in negotiations between both parties. Beryl performs Hillsborough County Home Inspections for both buyers and sellers.

Periodic New Construction Inspections

These inspections are performed at predetermined times through the construction of a new home. They are designed to prevent poor construction and catch errors or problems before the home is completed. Problems that are uncovered early during construction are much simpler and cheaper to resolve. Beryl inspectors typically inspect the completed foundation, roughed-in framing, final punch list items, and then perform a final grade inspection upon completion.

Building Envelope Analysis Inspections

These specialized inspections focus on discovering moisture or other destructive matter that has penetrated the building envelope. Beryl inspectors use non-destructive technical measures like infrared thermal imaging to discover the locations and extent of water intrusion or other problems with your home.

Structural Evaluations

Professional Beryl engineers perform these inspections to determine if any structural defects are present in a home and their cause. They also outline what measures are necessary to correct any detected defects with an estimate of costs.

Home Warranty Inspections

These are becoming a more popular option for Hillsborough County Home Inspections due to more newer homes that are in existence. Many new homes have a one-year warranty that covers the cost of repairs for major home systems or components. These inspections are typically carried out during the eleventh month of homeownership.

FHA / VA Home Inspections

The Federal Housing Administration and the Veteran’s Administration require that certain systems and components be inspected before they will loan the capital for purchasing a home. Beryl inspectors are licensed and certified to conduct FHAand VA home inspections and to carry out FHA 203K Consulting for loans on homes requiring rehabilitation. Be sure to specify to your Beryl representative that you need an FHA home inspection.

Reliable Hillsborough County Home Inspections

Beryl Project Engineering can provide all manner of specialized home inspections to meet your unique needs. You may call 813-616-3301 or contact us online if you are unsure of what type home inspection you require. A Beryl representative will be happy to answer your questions.