Solar Design and Net Metering in Florida

Florida is now living up to its popular moniker as the Sunshine State. New opportunities to share the resources from your solar design are appearing everywhere. This happens by means of a system called net metering.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering allows you to benefit from excess energy produced by your home solar package. Homeowners are given credits for the power they contribute to the system. This credit offsets the cost of any power you draw from the power grid. Many homeowners can actually earn money each month from their custom solar design!

Your personal solar system likely generates the most power during the daylight hours when few are home and your power consumption is low. Excess power created during the day is sent to the power grid to be shared with other consumers. Your local power company issues you a credit for any power you contribute to the grid.

The hours of low light and darkness are when your solar system generates little or no power. This is when most of the family are home and power consumption increases. You will draw power from the grid during these hours. Warmer months with longer days mean you will possibly generate more power than you will use. This means a greater potential for you to enjoy many months of free electricity!

Are You Ready to Investigate a Custom Solar Design?

Beryl Project Engineering can help you harness the energy of the Florida sun and reduce your electric bills with quality solar design solutions for your home. Beryl Project Engineering’s Envision SP team provides Permit Ready Packages that meet or exceed the stringent building codes of the state of Florida. Our state-of-the-art computer modeling guarantees you a durable and reliable custom solar design that will meet your energy needs.

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