6 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector in Tampa

Buying a home requires some homework. You should never purchase property without looking for potential problems. Your licensed and certified home inspector from Beryl Project Engineering is an experienced professional. Their job is to provide you with a good understanding of a home’s condition. Here are 6 questions we recommend you ask your home inspector in Tampa.

What Kind of Inspection is Required in Florida?

Many prospective homebuyers in Hillsborough County are unsure of the type of home inspection required. Different lenders and even insurance companies may require certain types of inspections or evaluations. Beryl Project Engineering offers several specific types of inspections. Your Beryl home inspector can recommend the type you need for your unique situation.

How Long Before a Home Inspector in Tampa Will Submit a Complete Report?

Your Beryl home inspector in Tampa will generally take about 3-4 hours to perform a complete pre-purchase home inspection. We also guarantee that you will receive a complete, easy-to-understand report with photos within 36 of completing the inspection. Our experienced inspectors can also answer your questions concerning items on the report.

Am I Protected Against Any Errors or Omissions in the Home Inspection Report?

Beryl Project Engineering home inspections are certified by InterNACHI, an organization that requires high standards for home inspections. Our home inspections are covered by the InterNACHI “Buy-Back Guarantee” for 90 days after the inspection.

Can My Home Inspector in Tampa Perform Any Needed Repairs?

It is a conflict of interest and against the law in Florida for home inspectors to both inspect homes and provide needed repairs. Any home inspector in Tampa that offers to perform repairs should be avoided and reported to the authorities.

Can I Trust a Home Inspector in Tampa?

Your Beryl home inspector is a licensed and certified professional with many years of experience in the construction industry. We do not perform any repairs on the homes we inspect. That means we have no ulterior motives behind our inspection reports. They are guaranteed to be accurate and unbiased for your protection.