Solar Design | How Can a Solar Design Power My Home at Night? 

Every solar design uses solar panels to absorb sunlight and generate electricity. Confusion often arises about how a solar design can provide the necessary power for a home at night. This confusion results from a simple misunderstanding about how photovoltaic energy systems work. Beryl Project Engineering designs custom solar systems for various homes in all types of settings. 

Solar energy is a sustainable, around-the-clock energy solution. This is due to energy storage solutions that work with your custom solar design. The storage solutions you choose depend greatly on the area where you live and the options provided. There are two basic photovoltaic energy storage solutions: battery storage and net metering. 

Energy Storage for Your Solar Design

Your solar design commonly generates more energy throughout the day than your home will use. Most people are away at work or school during the day and power usage is low. During the sunniest part of the day is when your solar design needs to store away unused energy. Most families are home during the evening and night hours and use more electricity. This is when your solar design draws electricity from your chosen storage solution. 

Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries are located on-site at your home to absorb and store electricity generated by your solar design during the daytime hours. This stored energy can then be used during hours of darkness when your solar panels cannot manufacture energy. This is the option for homeowners who do not have access to a nearby solar grid for net metering. 

Battery storage can also be used in tandem with net metering. Your solar design can maintain charged batteries for emergency use or as the primary source for power during darkness. Power can be drawn from the net metering grid only when your own battery power runs low. This is an exceptional way to control your own energy costs. 

Many people also like the independence that an on-site solar battery storage solution provides. Power is reliable and available even when the local power grid is inoperative due to storms or accidents. 

Solar Net Metering 

Net metering is available in many Tampa communities and can be a very cost-saving option. Net metering connects many solar panel users in a grid that is connected to the local power company. The electricity generated by your home solar panels are shared through the grid with other homes. You are charged for the electricity your home uses and paid for the amount of electricity your home contributes to the grid. 

It is possible to earn money each month from your custom solar design and essentially power your home for free. This depends on the amount your solar design generates and the amount your home uses throughout the month. Energy purchased through net metering agreements generally costs less than conventional energy connections. 

Beryl Project Engineering can create the most effective solar design for your application whether you use a solar battery backup or net metering solution. 

Will My Solar Design Work on Cloudy Days?

Modern solar panels are able to generate electricity even from limited sunlight on cloudy days. You should be aware that it will not function at peak efficiency when sunlight is restricted or limited. Cloudy days will limit energy production and cause your home to draw more energy from your battery storage or net metering connection. 

Beryl Project Engineering solar design engineers use state-of-the-art modeling software to design your custom solar panels. This includes factors like shade cover, wind speed loading, the sun’s azimuth, and your desired energy production. We design a solar energy system custom-fitted to your unique application and needs to save you money on energy costs and provide energy independence. 

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