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Solar Design | The Tampa Bay Area has been buzzing throughout 2019 about the ongoing contention between proponents of solar design and Florida utility companies. A July 7, 2019, article in the New York Times began like this: 

“Florida calls itself the Sunshine State. But when it comes to the use of solar power, it trails 19 states, including not-so-sunny Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Maryland.” 

The same article was reprinted in the Sarasota Herald Tribune on August 4, 2019, under the headline, “Long shadow of large utilities blots Florida’s solar expansion.” 

Tampa residents who read these headlines may become discouraged at the actions of utility companies and legislators whose actions to make it more difficult to choose solar power. But the fact remains that a Tampa solar design for your residential or commercial building can save you substantial resources over time. 

Cost Savings of Going Solar 

Florida residents who choose a rooftop solar design can take advantage of the federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit. That credit saves you 30% of the cost to install your Tampa rooftop solar panels. 

Florida also operates a net metering program that allows customers to offset a portion of their energy costs with a solar design. Plus, you can even earn money. Excess power produced by your rooftop solar panels is shared with other energy customers and a number of Florida utilities will pay you the full retail rate for your power.  

Rooftop solar systems are exempt from sales tax in Florida. This is a nice savings incentive you can enjoy up front. Add to this a Florida property tax exemption on the value your solar design adds to your home. That’s a pretty good savings.  

The size of your home and how much power you use will determine your actual savings. You can figure an estimated savings from your Tampa solar design with this Solar Calculator from Tampa Electric. Figure your yearly savings and multiply that by 20 years. Remember that most systems should last more than 20 years.  

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