Home Inspections are a Gift 

The holiday season is in full swing and gift buying is ramping up. Most people would not consider home inspections as gifts. Giving yourself and your family the gift of a home inspection before buying or selling a home is both thoughtful and wise. 

Inspections are a Gift to the Seller 

The buyer is typically the party that pays for the inspection. But sellers can and should have their own home inspection before offering the home for sale. Home inspections will provide homeowners with a thorough review of the current condition of the home. It will also reveal any deficiencies or potential problems that need addressed before the sale of the home. 

Home inspections are a gift to the seller because they provide foreknowledge that can impact the pricing and preparations for selling the home. Some repairs may be necessary while others can be left to the buyer and include a price discount. Knowledge of the home’s condition can even arm the seller to demand a higher price. 

Inspections are a Gift to the Buyer

Home purchases are the largest investment most people will ever make. Many homes are financed for 30 years or more. No thinking buyer would invest 30 or more years of time and resources into a home they know nothing about. Price negotiations are often swayed by the results of competent, professional inspection.

Home inspections are a gift to the buyer because they reveal the true condition of the home the buyer intends to live in with their family. Value and safety are both equally valid concerns that prompt buyers to pay for home inspections. 

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