Little Known Ways You Can Help Your Home Inspector in Tampa 

Home Inspector Tampa | Your Beryl Project Engineering home inspector in Tampa is a professional with construction experience and certifications in home inspections. They have been trained to thoroughly examine the major systems and components of a home to determine its current condition and detect any defects. You can trust your Beryl home inspector in Tampa to meet or exceed InterNACHI Standards of Practice for all home inspections. 

Before Your Home Inspector in Tampa Arrives 

Call Beryl Project Engineering to schedule the services of a professional home inspector. Tampa residents can set that appointment for daytime, evenings, or even weekends to accommodate your busy lifestyle and its demands. Before your home inspector arrives, you can do the following to make his or her job easier. 

  1. Show up early and be sure all the following is ready
  2. All utilities are on and functioning 
  3. Replace blown bulbs and turn all lights on
  4. Clear the perimeter of the home for easy access 
  5. Unlock all doors and access covers 
  6. De-clutter areas where the inspector will need access (attics, basements, under sinks) 

Having things ready before the inspection allows the inspector to perform his or her duties faster and more thoroughly. Hidden or blocked areas will likely not be inspected. 

After Your Home Inspector in Tampa Arrives 

Many buyers or sellers ask if they must remain throughout the entire home inspection. We respect the fact that many people are busy and have multiple commitments. Typical inspections in Tampa can last about three hours. A person familiar with the home can actually be a benefit to our home inspectors. You can serve as a second set of eyes to locate possible trouble spots. You may already know of some areas that require a closer look or need work. 

The Master Certified inspectors from Beryl Project Engineering welcome your presence and your input in the inspection process. You can get more information about the home inspection process or home inspections in Tampa and the surrounding areas by calling or contacting us online.