5 Reasons Why Florida Home Inspections are a Big Deal 

Buying a home in Florida is for many people a dream come true. But don’t let dreaming cloud your good judgment. Purchasing a Florida home is just like buying a home in any other location. Anything could have happened to it before you settled on it as the fulfillment of your grandest wish. That’s why anyone with any knowledge of buying and selling homes will emphasize the importance of home inspections

You hay have already read about the pros and cons of getting an inspection, and whether you should spend the money to have one. Beryl Project Engineering has provided home inspections in and around Tampa, Ruskin, Clearwater, Brooksville, Lakeland, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Melbourne for many years, and we have seen more than our share of housing issues. Most of them could have been prevented by having an inspection as part of the buying and selling process. 

Here are five compelling reasons why Florida home inspections are a big deal. 

Invest to Save

Home inspections are not really that expensive when compared to the costs of surprise repairs that are often needed after purchasing a home. Look at it as making an investment now that will save you big bucks later. 

Written Record

Home inspections provide a written record of all findings for your records. This is helpful to have on hand when negotiating a home sale, especially if work or repairs are needed. 

Hidden Damage 

A simple walkthrough will not reveal damage in obscure places. Home inspections require a more thorough examination, which can reveal hidden damage. This will save you costs and may persuade you to look at another home for purchase. 

Professional Eyes 

Many homes look great to untrained eyes. A little paint and cleaning can make just about any home appear shiny and new. A home inspector looks at a home’s components through trained eyes that see more than surface décor. 

Insurance Protection 

Beryl Project Engineering is your licensed, certified and insured home inspections provider for the Tampa area. Your long-term home investment based on our home inspections is a safe undertaking. We guarantee it. 

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