Home Inspector Tampa | When Home Inspections are Not Enough 

Home Inspector Tampa | Home inspections are a vital part of selling or buying any home. No one wants to consider the size of the investment needed to purchase a home without first ascertaining its condition. Beryl quality home inspections cover the major systems and components of a home with an InterNACHI-mandated 10-point evaluation process. 

But is there ever a time when home inspections are not enough? Has any new homeowner purchased a home after obtaining a home inspection and soon had to invest in surprise repairs? The unfortunate answer to that question is yes. There are times when a home should have more than a standard home inspection. 

Be aware of these factors that may indicate when home inspections are not enough. 

Danger of or Location in a High Wind Zone 

Whether your home is new or old, and especially if your home was constructed or had a roof replacement after 2003, Beryl inspectors can examine your entire property for wind mitigation. This inspection covers several areas of focus and can confirm if your home conforms to the Florida Building Code. Certain wind mitigation features on your home can also entitle you to a decrease on insurance premiums. 

Appraiser-Mandated Structural Inspection 

Sometimes an appraiser or lender representative will flag a house for further evaluation by a licensed professional engineer. They want a professional structural Condition Assessment in addition to the standard home inspections. Even if you did not use Beryl for your home inspections, we can perform a Structural Inspection or Condition Assessment to satisfy your appraiser’s and mortgage officer’s requirements. 

When home inspections are not enough and you require more specific or advanced evaluations on your home, contact Beryl Project Engineering for licensed, insured, and quality inspection services.