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Home Inspection | There are many pathways to purchasing a home. Any path you choose requires a home inspection, especially if you require financing. Some financing options require specific steps in qualifying home inspections. That means you need an experienced Tampa home inspections professional that is able to provide the type of inspection you need. 

Beryl Engineering and Inspection is your Tampa, FL, Certified Master Inspector, with knowledge and expertise for conducting quality home inspections to meet a variety of different lenders’ specifications and guidelines. Don’t risk a poor inspection that does meet the standards of your particular lender by an inexperienced inspector or construction company. Call Beryl Project Engineering at 813-616-3301 to discuss your home inspection needs. 

Beryl FHA Home Inspections 

The Federal Housing Administration underwrites loans from local lenders for purchasing single family dwellings. They do not provide home inspections. The prospective buyer must contract with a home inspections professional that offers FHA home inspections, like Beryl Project Engineering. A buyer must ask specifically for an FHA home inspection, because they include certain steps that may not be necessary in other types of inspections. 

FHA home inspections provide buyers with detailed information about the overall condition of the home. This includes an evaluation of the home’s structure, construction, and mechanical systems. The inspection will also detail any items needed repair or replacement, as well as an estimate of how long major systems or structures will last before needed repairs or maintenance. 

Beryl VA Home Inspections 

The US Veteran’s Administration underwrites loans through local lenders that enable veterans of the armed forces to purchase a home. Like other lenders, they require a thorough home inspection to detect any problems or defects in the home before a loan contract can be completed. Detecting these issues early can prevent a veteran from purchasing a home with serious problems that will be a constant headache. And it protects the VA’s investment of loan funds from being used on a sub-standard or even dangerous home. 

When you are ready for a Hillsborough County FHA or VA home inspection, contact Beryl Project Engineering and ask for the specific type of inspection you require. Our staff is happy to promptly schedule an inspection to meet your needs.