Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Tampa Structural Design for New Additions


Expired Permits Hillsborough County | When you are ready to add new space to your home in the Tampa area, you can trust Beryl Engineering & Inspection for quality structural design services. Our experienced and licensed engineers have years of experience in designing all kinds of new space additions to existing residential structures. 

Residential Structural Design

Engineering new structural designs that are to become part of an existing structure takes experience and intricate knowledge of how different structures can connect. It is not as simple as drawing a plan for a completely new structure. Your current home will need to be examined, and your idea for adding new space assessed, to determine the safest and most structurally sound design. 

Beryl structural design engineers will determine the best practices for designing and completing your new addition, including any relevant building codes. There are times when certain modifications or updates will be necessary to your existing home, in order to meet current building standards. Your Beryl engineer can advise you more about this on a case-by-case basis. 

Beryl Structural Design Services 

Beryl Engineering & Inspection can draft the following new additions or repair plans for your existing residential structure: 

  • Room Additions – Ready for new space or remodeling? We have design experts who can correctly guide you on the additions for your home, and we are experienced 203k consultants
  • Residential Models – Not sure of a design for your new space? Choose from one of our many existing residential models. 
  • Attic Design – Ready to convert attic space into living space? We can design complete renovation plans that fit your home. 
  • Truss Design – When new construction requires advanced roofing work, Beryl can handle it with our experienced truss design services. 
  • Retaining Walls – Sometimes your new addition requires digging into a nearby bank of earth. We can design the right retaining walls to make this addition feasible. 
  • Load-Bearing Wall Removal – In some cases, adding to your existing home will require extensive work, like the removal of a load-bearing wall. This is possible with the right engineering. Beryl can design the right plan to make this operation successful. 

When you are ready for renovations or adding new space to your home in Tampa or the surrounding communities, contact us at Beryl Engineering & Inspection for the best in structural design services.