Structural Design

Looking for high quality residential structural design services, which include room additions, residential models, attic design, and truss design services? Now you can rest easy that your home is designed according to the right specifications with experienced and licensed engineers who know how to design according to the most recent Florida Building Code and industry best practice standards. We can also help you get pier and beam design at the right rates for these complex designs.
It is important that you acquire the services of professionals who understand the intricate design and process that goes into drafting a residential structure. At Beryl Project Engineering we have experienced and licensed engineers and drafters with years of experience in residential structural design. Here is what we can offer you in our residential structural design services:

Room additions

When it comes to room additions you need the advice and expertise of a professional that understands how homes look after they are build. Through our 203k consultant mindset (INCLUDE INTERNAL LINK TO FULL 203K), that is exactly what we offer to our clients. At Beryl Project Engineering we have design experts who can correctly guide you on the recommended additions for your home that won’t turn your new master bedroom/bathroom or in-law kitcen into Frankenhouse.

Residential models

We also have residential models that can accurately capture the very essence of the type of room that you have in mind. It doesn’t matter what kind of room you are looking to design, we can also create custom models for you.

Attic design services

Want to design an entire attic or need a simple repair because a tree fell on your house or an HVAC technician cut your trusses? Now you can easily do that by acquiring the expertise of our residential structural design experts. We have experts that can guide you properly about the best attic designs that will suit your home.

Truss design services

We have got you covered in all aspects of residential structural designs with our exceptional truss design services. We have the best tools along with the industry experience to help you with truss design services at great rates.