Neutral and Dependable Structural Assessments

Structural Assessment | Structural defects in any building pose significant problems. And they may not be readily visible to the naked eye, or to inexperienced inspectors. When you need a reliable and professional determination of value and structural integrity for your project in the Tampa or Hillsborough County area, contact the expert building inspectors at Beryl Engineering & Inspection.


Structural Assessment that Meet Industry Requirements

The Beryl Structural Assessment and Condition Assessment report will help you determine a fair and reliable estimation of value of your property. This assessment is an “as-is” structural inspection that meets the stringent guidelines required by VA, FHA, and other appraisers. Our assessments include:


  • An overall structural description that includes foundation type, walls, floors, ceilings, roof, and other load-bearing components.
  • A professional evaluation of the condition of all accessible structural systems and related components.
  • A report form that details the inspector’s evaluation.
  • A description of each defect and its cause or causes.
  • Recommendations for possible solutions to defects and probable costs.
  • References to qualified professionals who can make the needed repairs.


Your Structural and Condition Assessment report will be thoroughly explained by the Beryl inspector, and your questions will be answered patiently and completely.


The Importance of a Neutral Structural Assessment

Many structural assessments are offered at low or no cost by construction companies. This is often a strategy to sell property owners expensive repair or construction services. Beryl Engineering & Inspection is not a construction company, and we offer completely neutral and unbiased assessments on retaining walls, roofs, foundations, beams, piers, slab-on-grade projects, and more.


When you need reliable and neutral structural assessments for any size residential or commercial project in or around the Tampa area, Beryl Engineering & Inspection can help. Beryl has licensed and certified inspectors who offer flexible scheduling, easy-to-read reports, and more than 15 years of experience. Contact us today to ask how we can help you.