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Condition Assessment

Beryl assists you in arriving at a fair determination of value by providing an opinion as to the current structural condition and identifying observable structural defects. During these structural inspections and condition assessments, Beryl’s Professional Engineer:

  • Provides a structural description of the property, i.e. type of foundation, wall, floor, ceiling, and roof construction.
  • Observes and render an opinion of the readily accessible structural systems and components of the property
  • Uses a directed evaluation report form to address the structural systems and components.
  • Describes the defects and their cause(s). If the cause is unknown, outline the next action necessary to determine the cause(s).
  • Provides an outline of possible solutions and costs to correct.
  • Refers you to qualified individuals that can make the repairs.

Structural Inspections are Neutral

We are not a Construction company. Some of the companies offering low cost or free Structural Inspection or Condition Assessment are trying to sell you on a costly construction project. Their Professional Engineers act as a sales force for their contractors. Instead of a neutral report, you will receive a proposal and invoice for construction. Our reports are unbiased as we do not do any construction in house. The neutrality leads to a more thorough structural inspection and condition assessment with unbiased results.

Some of the types of structural inspections and condition assessments we provide include:

  • Roofing
  • Retaining Wall
  • Stucco
  • Foundation
  • Piers/Beams
  • Slab-on-Grade

Satisfy VA and FHA Requirements

Sometimes appraisers will flag a house for further evaluation by a licensed professional engineer. These additional inspections are commonly referred to “subject to,”s in the industry. You can save yourself time and money by hiring Beryl to perform your Home Inspection so that when the appraiser flags your house, we can quickly write the document you need. Even if you did not use Beryl for your Home Inspection, we can perform a Structural Inspection or Condition Assessment to satisfy your appraiser’s and mortgage officer’s requirements. We will ask for both a copy of your Home Inspection and Appraiser report prior to the Structural Inspection or Condition Assessment.

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