Home Inspector | Questions a Seller Should Ask a Home Inspector

Home Inspector | A home inspection is a very valuable resource when you are looking to sell your home. A quality home inspector is full of knowledge that can help you to better understand the condition of your home. Asking a home inspector questions can help you determine many things about your upcoming sale. By getting the home inspection prior to listing your home you can feel more prepared and confident that unexpected findings will not arise later in the process. Here are a few questions that a seller should ask a home inspector when they are looking at the home.


Could This Prevent a Sale?

The biggest concern is if any issues found could prevent a sale from happening. The home inspector should be able to give you an idea of severity. For example, your home may have older windows, but they may still be good enough. In this case the home inspector could recommend getting them replaced to get more money from your home but convey that you could sell your home as is.


Are There Any Expired Permits?

Home inspectors should be looking at any areas of the home that have been previously remodeled to make sure the work was done properly. This would also be a good time to determine if all the permits have been handled properly. A home inspector can help you find out if there are any expired permits that will cause you issues with the upcoming sale.


What Is Your Biggest Concern?

After the completion of the home inspection would be a great time to ask the home inspector what problem area is “the biggest concern.” This will help you determine what area you should focus on prior to listing the home for sale. You can also get your real estate agent involved to find out the best way to remodel certain areas so that you can potentially raise your asking price.


Experienced home inspectors can be a very valuable resource to help you determine the condition of your home. If you live in Hillsborough County you should contact Beryl Engineering & Inspection for your home inspection needs. Their customer service is second to none.