203k Inspections | Remodels That Are Excluded From a 203k Loan

203k Inspections | A 203k loan is a great way to bring life back to an older home and make it fit your personal preferences. A 203k loan can be used to fix items that are needed to bring your home up to date or to make it more structurally sound. A 203k inspection can help you figure out what these items are. By getting a 203k inspection you can determine if a home fits your qualifications and budget.


A 203k loan can be used for a number of different projects that can improve the overall value of a home. However, there is a limit to the types of projects that are allowed through this type of loan. Here are a few common repairs that are excluded from a 203k loan.


Luxury Items

A 203k loan is intended more for updating the home and property so that it is safe and energy efficient. This is why certain luxury items are not included in items that can be repaired with the money from a 203k loan. Some of these items include the additions of swimming pools, hot tubs, and tennis courts.



While it is true that quality landscaping does add value to a home, it is not a remodel that can be included with a 203k loan. Landscaping is considered more of a want than a need and so these remodels need to be made with money from the owner’s pocket.


Outdoor Entertainment Items

Again, the idea of a 203k loan is to improve a home by updated areas that may hurt the function of a home. Adding outdoor entertainment items such as a BBQ pit or an outdoor fireplace do not fit into this category. These items can add value to a home but are not considered needed items.


If you are in the market for a 203k loan you should consider contacting a qualified 203k inspection company. There is no better company for this service than Beryl Engineering & Inspection. They will make sure you understand the process and help provide you with a clear, concise plan.