Expired Permit Hillsborough | Headaches That Come from An Expired Permit

Expired Permits Hillsborough | If you have ever had any remodels, renovations or repairs performed at your home you likely got a home improvement permit for the work to be completed. You may not have personally applied for the permit, but your general contractor probably did for you. Sometimes, these permits do not get closed out as they should. The reasons vary but could include: improper work, work not completed or simple clerical errors.


Regardless the reason, an expired permit can cause great headaches down the road if it is not taken care of. Here are a few headaches that can occur when a permit is left open.


Delay the Sale of Your Home

If you attempt to sell your home with an expired permit you will find that you could be in for some delays. An expired home improvement permit will halt the sale and you will be left to rectify the situation before you can proceed. The expired permit can be for something as minor as a water heater replacement but if left open it can cause you an unexpected problem.


Prevent Future Renovations

An expired permit can also prevent you from pursuing future renovation or remodel projects. If you have an expired permit you will not be allowed to open another permit for another project. So, the kitchen remodels you had done two years ago could then delay the new swimming pool that you are looking to have installed.


To prevent these inconveniences from occurring you should check with your local officials and find out if you have any expired permits pending. If you live in Hillsborough County you can find this information at the Hillsborough County Building Services Division website. If you find you do have an expired permit you should contact Beryl Engineering & Inspection. Beryl can help you by inspecting the repairs previously performed and help you formulate a permit letter that can get your expired permit closed.