Home Inspections | Which Type of Home Inspection Do You Need?

A home inspection is a much-needed piece of the puzzle when purchasing a new home. A home inspection is the blue print that can give you more information on one of the largest purchases you will make over the course of your lifetime. Purchasing a home without a proper home inspection can be a huge mistake that can cost your thousands of dollars in the long run.

There are a variety of home inspection types that are available based on your individual needs. Some home inspections are catered to the loan type while others are catered to home type. Choosing the right type of home inspection can give you a better understanding of the home and help you to make an educated decision. Here are a few examples of different home inspections that are available.

FHA Inspection

An FHA loan is a specific loan designed for first time home buyers and is only available through FHA lenders. The FHA inspection gives the buyer a more detailed breakdown of the overall condition of the home prior to the purchase. As a buyer, you will receive a detailed report on structural components, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation, air conditioning and interiors.


A 4-Point Inspection is designed to provide specific information to your insurance company to show that your homes insurability. The 4-Point Inspection focuses on the homes roof, electrical, heating/HVAC and plumbing. This inspection is geared more for the insurance company than your individual purchase decisions.

203k Inspection

A 203k loan is designed to let you borrow additional money above what you are borrowing for the purchase price of a home. The additional money is to be used for renovations or remodels that are needed because of a home’s age or condition. A 203k Inspection gives more detail, especially in areas that may need repairs. A 203k inspection will also help to provide pricing for the repairs and contractors that can properly perform the repairs.

When choosing any of these inspection types it is a good idea to contact Beryl Engineering & Inspection. The professionals at Beryl can provide whichever home inspection type that best suits your needs. They have the experience and customer service that sets them apart as the best home inspection company in the Tampa area.