4-Point Home Inspections by Beryl

Satisfy the terms of your homeowners’ policy on your older home.

Meet your carrier’s requirements to insure your older home when you call on our professionals for 4-point home inspections. At Beryl Project Engineering, our NACHI-certified inspectors take a detailed look at your property to confirm its major systems are in good repair and that there are no risks. Our skilled Home Inspectors confirm the health of four critical areas and identify conditions that would hinder the issuance or renewal of a homeowners’ policy.

Since we follow the Citizens™-approved form for 4-point home inspections, we can deliver a targeted report that will help you meet your insurance company’s terms. This process allows us to identify your home’s components, determine their ages, and assess their overall condition in order to satisfy the requirements of your coverage.

Benefits of 4-Point Home Inspections

Ensure continuous coverage for your home with one of our 4-point Home Inspections. If your home is 25 years old or older, many insurers require this assessment before they will issue or renew a homeowners’ policy. For this reason, the following four vital home systems need inspection:

• Roof • Electrical • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) • Plumbing

A 4-point home inspection offers benefits to both the insurance company and the homeowner. In order to reduce their liability, your carrier wants to confirm that these critical systems are in good repair or have been updated to modern standards. Likewise, having the good condition of your home documented via written and photo evidence can save you hundreds of dollars in premiums. Having Beryl’s Home Inspectors identify areas of concern empowers you to make informed improvement decisions.

Differences between 4-Point and Pre-Purchase Inspections by Beryl

Since a 4-point home inspection serves the sole purpose of establishing the insurability of an existing home, it is a useful and often required tool. However, a 4-point home inspection is geared to meet a specific set of criteria set by your insurance carrier and lacks all of the information needed to make an informed home buying decision.

While your 4-point home inspection helps qualify you for homeowners’ coverage and can lower your premiums, a pre-purchase inspection is also needed when you are buying a home in order to ensure optimal consumer protection. It is much more comprehensive in nature therefore; a full inspection offers the same peace of mind for every aspect of your home. By identifying areas for the seller to either correct or offer concessions, it also increases your potential savings on the purchase of your home.

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