203k  Inspections | Who Needs a 203k Inspection?


203k  Inspections | A Limited 203k Loan is a great way to fund simple repairs to an older home that may require some TLC. The 203k Limited Loan makes these older homes sellable because the loan allows buyers to borrow more money for remodeling. By repairing an older home, you can still save money in the long run and make a home that fits your unique wants and needs. Some of the repairs that buyers make with the money from a 203k loan are roof repairs, floor replacement and door/window replacements.


If you are contemplating purchasing an older home and potentially utilizing a Limited 203k Loan, you really need to consider a 203k inspection. A 203k inspection differs from a typical home inspection because it is geared specifically to the Limited 203k loan process. More specifically you should consider the 203k inspection from Beryl Engineering and Inspection. Beryl’s 203k inspection will give a specific breakdown of what items need to be repaired, suggestions will be offered as to contractors that are best suited for the work and cost estimates will be provided so that you can supply the loan officers with the paperwork they need to approve the loan.


Anyone that is looking to use a Limited 203k Loan should choose to get a 203k inspection. Do not fall into the trap of just getting a free estimate from a contractor. First, unless you have worked extensively with this contractor in the past, you have no idea if they are being trustworthy. It is a common occurrence for contractors to bid low so that they can win the job. Then once the repairs begin additional costs begin piling up. At this point, it is too late to get more money from the Limited 203k Loan and you will be stuck paying this amount out of your pocket. By contacting Beryl, you are working with a separate company from the contractor that is doing the work. Beryl will make sure that your best interest is at the forefront of the entire process.


Call Beryl today and discuss the 203k inspection with one of their professionals.